Module 3: Communicating and Collaboration

In this module, the most useful thing I learned was to avoid miscommunication while interacting with others online. On page 122, it tells us to always be looking out for and avoiding various miscommunications. A specific example of something in this module I have already put in my practice is making sure my message is clearly stated in the way I’m intending it to. This works out pretty well because I’ve never ran into a situation where someone has been confused on the tone of my message or the message itself that I’m trying to get across. Some ideas from this module that I could put into practice in the future are looking for possible miscommunications in receiving messages. I would do this by rereading messages and comments I receive to make sure I am clearly and effectively understanding what the person communicating with me is saying. Some advice that I would give to students based on what I’ve read and experienced in this module would be to always be aware of the tone as well as the content of messages you are sending and maybe even viewing them from a different perspective so that you can all around be making sure that there is no miscommunication.