Year in Review

I. Global Awareness: In my second semester at OSU, I took Anthropology 1100 to enrich my knowledge of the cultures around the world. Now I plan to take Anthropology 2202H to study traditional and contemporary peoples in the several world culture regions comparatively, which will help me to examine the world’s complex, independent systems. 

II. Original Inquiry: I haven’t had any research experience so far. But I am already taking a somewhat advanced course (i.e. Math 5702) now and will consider taking more advanced math courses or doing research later.

III. Academic Enrichment: I plan to take advanced courses on different areas in math (e.g. geometry & topology on the one hand, combinatorics on the other) in order to familiarize myself with various aspects of math. This plan agrees with my expectation that I will go to a graduate math school to further study this subject. The GE courses that are chosen to be included in my curriculum will help me better appreciate the human culture which is indispensable to a man living in the society. 

IV. Leadership Development: I am involved in the Radical Pi math club. This club relates undergrad math students to graduate students and professors around the campus and the world and hence relates closely to my goal of studying math.

V. Service Engagement: I currently am not involved in any service-oriented activities. But I plan to teach my little sister and her classmates beautiful mathematics and hence contribute to society.

About Me

I am a sophomore student here at OSU majoring in Mathematics.

For the following photo taken in Ghana, I love the shape but not the creature.