My takeaways of ESLTECH 2011

  1. I learned that it’s very important to have good management of when, where and how to study. With a good plan of finishing your tasks consecutively and finding a place with least interference, studying efficiency would be improved a lot.
  2. It’s very useful to learn some strategies of taking and organizing notes. These skills keep me from missing important notes and arrange them properly so I’m able to recall what I learned.
  3. This class helps me find the resources I need more efficiently. It’s important to form a systematic way of collecting studying sources and make sure they are authentic and helpful.

Weekly Reflections of Solving Difficulties

Nowadays, people are living in an informative era, where information rules the world. However, not only the quantity of information determines one’s success, but also the quality. A lot of the times when I was locating and managing information, I had difficulties with this particular task.

The difficulty I always had when searching for information is finding a particular piece of information that was needed for my research. In most cases, when searching for information on the Internet, you have to scroll through tons of text in order to find that particular piece of data that is relevant to you. Another difficulty that I have experienced when managing resources was actually their credibility. Often, I could not identify whether the resource that I have found was credible and relevant enough to use in my research.

Both these difficulties happen due to the fact that the Internet encompasses an enormous amount of information and data. Usually, a majority of displayed information during your search is irrelevant to you, meaning that you have to skim through a lot of resources in order to find something that you could use.

In fact, there are a lot of steps and solutions for the first difficulty. I believe that the following ones are the most effective. In particular, when searching for certain information, you should narrow the search by using the minus operator (Norton, 2011). Terms with multiple meanings can return a lot of unexpected and unwanted results. Thus, by using this solution, you can exclude all the irrelevant Internet sources. In addition, you can use specific and unique terms that are specific to the subject you are researching in order to reduce the scope of the search.

As for the second difficulty, according to the article, it is advised to use the vast resources of the Internet to determine where information is coming from before they read it (Wineburg & McGrew, 2016). It means that you should not use the first site that you have encountered during your search. On the contrary, utilize all the available resources to check the credibility of the found sources. The solution to the issue of credibility could be solved by using scholarly databases.

Technologies I learned from ESLTECH 2011

A good way of making studying plans I learned is using Trello. Trello really helped me to make plans for different kinds of tasks. It’s very easy to classify the tasks and help you to monitor whether you have finished them. I used to make plans on the notebook. But when you have to make changes to the plan, it makes the plan look less clear. Trello makes my studying plan not only better organized, but also more visually clear and neat.