As an international student, coming to the United States is already my first step toward being a global citizen. During my two years at the Ohio States University, I learned a lot about the American culture. At the same time, through comparison between different cultures, I realized the difference embedded in various cultures would create different values. In the futures, I would try to communicate more to students with different backgrounds, get to really know what their culture is like and respect their culture in the way they would do. Also, I am hoping to engage in international volunteering work, go to different places, and experience the effect of different social, economic status have on the culture.


During the next two years, I would like to start research activities on or around campus. I am going to take anatomy 5300: learning human anatomy through dissection this summer. I think this is a good place to start my research process. By trying different subjects related to my major, I am hoping I can find the one subject that I would like devote the rest of my academic career in, and conduct research about it.


For my academic enrichment, I would participate in small study groups in the course I learned. Try to teach people the knowledge I know, and learn the things I that I don’t know from them. Also, currently I am a member of a biological science honorary—Helix Tri-Beta. Every two week we would have a seminar inviting guest speakers from the related area. Listening to their presentation, I have really broaden my horizon in the field of biology. Besides in studying, I am also looking for a teaching assistant job on campus. Personally, I think the best way to learn is to teach, and with every time I teach, there is something new I can learn as well.


Leadership is something I would encourage myself to engage more in the next two years. Currently, I am the junior academic chair in our student organization, which is mainly responsible for coordinating speakers. I would start building leadership skill by mastering this job. Furthermore, I would like to start planning large events myself. For instance, student orientation, academic salon, and some social events. Maybe I can also connect the leadership to the research career, and be my own principal investigator.


As for service engagement, I am currently participating small volunteering events coordinated by our student organization and other volunteering organizations, such as blood drive and public service. In the future, I am hoping to get into the Red Cross, and participate in more organized volunteering activities. I am also actively applying to be a volunteer at the university hospital. Hopefully, I can get more patient contact experience by participating more volunteering activities.