Welcome to my Professional Profile


My name is Howard (AKA Hao) Wang and I am a third year Agriculture engineering student at The Ohio State University. I’ve always wanted to be an Engineer mainly because it is such an important profession in today’s society. Engineers are what make this world go around, and I’ve always wanted to be apart of this elite class of professionals. So far I have not only excelled in my coursework, but I have also excelled while working in the Engineering field. For the last year I have been an intern for Ohio State’s Energy Services and Sustainability department where I have put to the test my Engineering knowledge and know-how. My superiors have been so pleased with my work that they have offered me this position until I graduate. After graduation I want to learn the ins and outs of the HVAC industry so that after a few years I can start my own HVAC company. This would involve working for multiple HVAC companies to learn everything needed to complete my ultimate goal. Since I already have a background in HVAC from my internship, I feel that I am already ahead of the curve in terms of real-life experience and also in the understanding of basic HVAC material.