End of Semester Reflection

Coming into OSU as a freshman was overwhelming in many ways. The campus seemed too large, and it required both GPS, signboards, and questions to other students about which building was where and which room was where. I also came in largely unaware of what being a full-time student meant, which is, unsurprisingly, a lot. With the multitude of student organizations I tried to be active in, I realized that there was too much for my time. My major’s heavy course load and my desire to participate in research helped me realize that I could only participate in very few student organizations. I’ve learnt to evaluate and prioritize certain tasks, and I also learned to self-reflect on whether or not I want to continue down the path I’m on. I do wish to remain on the biomedical engineering track, and I intend to apply into the major this coming spring. Additionally, I’m now in training for a research position in a laboratory regarding the kinetics of the human heart. I intend to finish my training at the earliest possible convenience, and I wish to continue to focus on my academic studies. Additionally, I’ve decided to refrain from a pre-medical track, as I still find academia most interesting. However, I am considering double-majoring in accounting, which I will definitely seek my adviser for insight.