G.O.A.L.S. 2019-2020


G.lobal Awareness

O.riginal Inquiry

A.cademic Enrichment

L.eadership Development

S.ervice Engagement


Global Awareness:

Appreciation of diversity and differences among people and population.

Simply living in America allows a view of the many different cultures that reside in the country, and this is even more true of being at college. I’ve attended events tailored toward Asian Americans, such as the events hosted by the Hanfu Club, a club dedicated to traditional Chinese clothing. What’s interesting about such a club is that I’ve been able to become connected with the international transfer students from China through such a club, and it’s interesting hearing about their experiences and expectations of studying in the states. As an ABC, it’s akin to getting in touch with my cultural history.


Original Inquiry

An understanding of exploration and research, asking and working to solve questions about the world around us.

I am expecting to be involved in research, especially since that is my future career goal. Currently, I am working towards getting trained so that I may volunteer at a lab involving human heart kinetics. By doing so, I am discovering many of the criteria necessary to even begin to be involved in lab processes, learning about what it takes to conduct research.


Academic Enrichment

Pursuing academic excellence, students work hard to achieve not only standards imposed by the university, but to the standards they set for themselves.

I am putting my efforts into doing well in my coursework not only to achieve what is needed to apply to my major, but I am also doing so to satisfy my goal of eventually being involved in research. Hence, I take away as much as I can from my courses. Additionally, I have my academics in one of the highest priorities, as education is the foundation to base my future endeavors.


Leadership Development

To develop the capability to lead in a variety of situations: to combine one’s own charisma and personality with the skills necessary to carry out a successful endeavor.

I am working towards this ideal slowly but surely. As I hope to be a project leader or principal investigator as my future career, I must develop the solid education and experience to prepare myself for this role in the future. Getting a lab volunteer position and focusing on academics will lay the base for my eventual steps into leadership. Of course, pursuing leadership in academic projects will be a goal of mine.


Service Engagement

Giving to the community, servicing the place that supported students to be where they are now.

I think volunteering is not only a way to repay the community that has brought each individual to the place they are at now, but it is also a way to experience what the world has to offer. It opens eyes to what the real world is like, as it is unfortunate but true that there are populations in need. It also allows individuals to understand the point of views of individuals that are not affiliated with the university. I participated in a Pay-it-Forward event near the beginning of the semester, and I met this amazing group of people during the volunteering event. Hence, volunteering can also allow connections to be made between individuals. I do plan to get more involved with service events in the future.

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