Year in Review

During the first couple of months of college, I was so stressed, I was overwhelmed by the new enviorment and the difference in size of all my courses. During that time I was grateful for all of my high school friends who stood beside me when I was transitioning, most of us were quiet and we didn’t particularly like to socialize with new people so I think it was hard for most of us to find another group for us to be a part of. It was hard, the first time I met people whom I share some connection to was in the Biological Scholar’s group, there was a community housing style and I had a good start with the people across the hall. I was good to meet some people rather than none, I then went on to meet some amazing people who are in the same major as I. I still need to find people who I can truly connect to and this will slowly happen during all 4 years that I am here. My original expectation for the scholar’s program was a lot more, I was hoping for more connections towards the hospital or other professors who I might have in the future. The scholar’s group tried to attempt that but to a minimum, there were events that brought the first-year student towards basic steps in advancing in a career for medicine; however, there was nothing extensive most of which was basic information.