About Me

Hello, my name is Zhiwei Wang and some of you may know me as Zach. I am a freshman from Cincinnati, Ohio attending The Ohio State University majoring in neuroscience along with plans to minor in either biomedical engineering or computer engineering. I am taking the pre-medicine pathway provided here at the university; I am here with the dream to gain acceptance into one of America’s top medical schools and to become a physician that will exceed even my own expectations. I have a clear interest in prosthetics and that is the reason for my interest in my minors, I firmly believe that neuroscience with coincided with engineering can lead to an advancement in the field of prosthetics and I want to be a part of that advancement when the time comes. I am also a part of Ohio State’s Buckeye Tennis Club, it’s a non-travel club so I won’t be playing competitively but if you ever want someone to play with please let me know!

The reason I chose the biological sciences scholar’s program at The Ohio State University is because I believe communication is important in our globalized world, being in a community housing program will allow me to meet others who potentially share the same interests and ideology as me. I have always wanted a career in medicine so I have actively sought out opportunities in Cincinnati to expand my interest in medicine. I volunteered at a local hospital near where I lived in Cincinnati every week during the weekdays, that gave me an insight into the working environment at hospitals. Through that hospital, I have also participated and volunteered with events both holiday related and medical alike; I participated in blood drives drawing blood and labeling blood and I have helped to set up decorations for holidays to lighten the environment at the hospital. It is also there where I got the chance to meet some incredible physicians who gave me a chance to operate with the Da Vinci SII surgical robot, it was an experience that highen my interest in medicine but it was also the reason why I became interested in engineering. The robot showed me the blend of modern technology and how it can benefit medicine and I fell in love with that concept. During my junior year in high school, my AP Chemistry teacher saw my interest in medicine and nominated me for a national conference about medicine at the University of Chicago; it was my first time that I got to meet so many other people who were the same as me, it was truly a unique

experience! I believe that is all there is to me and I hope that if you are reading this please get to know me in person as well!