The Ohio State University Biological Science Scholar Program Pt. 2

The second half of my story in the Biological Sciences Scholar’s program was just as good as the first. There have been many events that I’ve attended throughout my time there. The scholar’s program set up a couple of research lab visit and I have gone to two of the lab visits: Dr. Wold’s lab and Dr. Biesiadecki’s lab. The lab visits showed me more about the Ph.D. route in medicine, Dr. Diesiadecki’s lab interested me into his research, it seemed really interesting and I would consider joining his lab in the future. The program also had events where we would go to Wesley Glen’s Nursing home once a month to play bingo with the elderly. During those trips, it was interesting to hear the stories of the elderly and all about their interesting travel stories. Some of them had amazing stories. Even with all the service visit to nursing homes and lab visit, the scholars’ group also held social events, there was an event to watch the season premiere for season 8 of Game of Thrones. They also held an honor’s social at Kuhn’s house. We had smores and ice-cream with dogs, it was a study session for finals week. Overall Biological Sciences has been wonderful and I hope the following years will also be amazing. The link is a snapchat video of the study session with the ice-cream and smores.  sstg-BF6C0E7A-0D4D-40AD-AA8D-E474E8F39302

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