The Ohio State University Biological Science Scholar Program Pt. 2

Wesley Glen’s Bingo Night

The Biological Sciences Scholar’s program has many events ranging from social gatherings to research lab visits. A service event that I am highly fond of is the visit to Wesley Glen once a month to host a bingo night for the elderly. The elderly always embraced us when we came, they tell many stories about their travels, reliving their past. The scholar’s program also set up a few research lab visits, personally I have gone to visit two: Dr. Word’s lab and Dr. Biesiadecki’s lab. Visiting these lab allowed me to learn more about the Ph.D route. Although the scholar groups offer many service and lab events, it also provide many social events. A favorite of mine was an event to watch the season premiere for season 8 of Game of Thrones. I am a big fan of GoT and the event allowed me to connect with other views of the show. Another memorable event was the honor’s social held outside of Kuhn’s house, the members in the program came together to enjoy some smores and ice-cream.

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