The Ohio State University Biological Science Scholar Program Pt. 1

The past two experiences I mentioned were things I did in high school and now I am in college. It is a new place and I am slowly learning to adapt to the new environment. The first program I joined is the Biological Science Scholar program, it is a living community with monthly events. In September I visited a cadaver lab with a few members from our scholar’s program and a couple from the health sciences scholar’s program, it was a unique experience and we were able to talk to the students in the master’s program there. I was unable to take pictures for that visit, but this week I attended a study session held in the Barrett lobby and it was a good change of environment when I was studying for the second chemistry midterm. The scholar’s program also gives us early scheduling time so we might actually get the classes that we want. I have learned in the program that there are a lot of other people who are on the same academic standing as me in college and I should probably not feel so arrogant all the time. There are times where you need to be proud of your achievements but there are also times where you need to keep your head down and learn from others.

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