Cincinnati Children’s & Bethesda North Hospital Programs

For my national honors society project, my group and I programmed with two hospitals in the Cincinnati area, Cincinnati Children’s and Bethesda North, to create events for patients. At Cincinnati Children’s we organized an event revolving around basketball because it was during march madness, we utilize one of the large conference rooms and made it into a small basketball court. Then we opened it for the patients, we separated the games into ages so children from 3 to 18 can enjoy all the activities. It was a big success, we had multiple games running from horse, knockout, stations to teach young children to shoot and dribble. At Bethesda North we started a concierge program that allows students to interact more with patients and get a more in-depth look at the workplace environment. The program was designed so students can still do regular duties as a volunteer in addition to going into rooms and talking with patients with the nurses. An additional role was added where students can greet a patient from the front entrance and help them settle in from start to finish during their whole stay, there were only 3 people in this group that we created and it was me and 2 other people, 1 from my NHS group and 1 person who was homeschooled. This selective group was created first as a design to whether or not to enable all volunteers this options. Before I left for college I passed the program down to my younger cousins so they are now doing the 3rd year trials before implementing his program. Through this program, I was able to follow doctors into rounds in the cardiac intensive care unit, regular intensive care unit, and our hospital’s emergency department. Also through this department, we were able to participate in major hospital events such as operating the surgical robot DaVincii sII model, weekly interaction with surgical residents and attending and participate in a more in-depth learning experience. Through this experience, I learned that there are a lot of opportunities around you if you look hard enough and even though an idea may seem impossible, there are always people out there looking for the unexpected. You just need to take initiative into what you are passionate in and make your dream a possibility

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