About Me

High Lines, New York City

Greeting, my name is Zhiwei Wang and a few call me Zach. I am from Cincinnati and am majoring in neuroscience along with a minor in alternative approaches to health and wellness here at The Ohio State University. Currently I am pursing a career in medicine, to aid me in the process I am on the pre-medicine tract. My hope is to become a physician who will help serve the vulnerable. My reason for joining the biological science scholar’s group is because I wanted to meet people who share the same passion as I and to have people who will advance with me throughout my educational career. During my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, running, and giving back to the community.

2017 Milford JV Tennis Team

Testing the Da Vinci SII surgical system at Bethesda North Hospital

Volunteering at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Year in Review

During the first couple of months of college, I was so stressed, I was overwhelmed by the new enviorment and the difference in size of all my courses. During that time I was grateful for all of my high school friends who stood beside me when I was transitioning, most of us were quiet and we didn’t particularly like to socialize with new people so I think it was hard for most of us to find another group for us to be a part of. It was hard, the first time I met people whom I share some connection to was in the Biological Scholar’s group, there was a community housing style and I had a good start with the people across the hall. I was good to meet some people rather than none, I then went on to meet some amazing people who are in the same major as I. I still need to find people who I can truly connect to and this will slowly happen during all 4 years that I am here. My original expectation for the scholar’s program was a lot more, I was hoping for more connections towards the hospital or other professors who I might have in the future. The scholar’s group tried to attempt that but to a minimum, there were events that brought the first-year student towards basic steps in advancing in a career for medicine; however, there was nothing extensive most of which was basic information.


I joined biological sciences scholar program because it was a good starting point to meet like-minded students here at The Ohio State University. An introduction to a community of student interested in healthcare will benefit my educational career, having a support system regarding. I enjoy competition so I was hoping that being in this program I would find people like me, I also enjoy thinking of starting programs that are outside the norm and I would like the input of people who knows and agrees upon what I want to do. I feel like being able to understand one another is a trait that is required if you ever want to do anything in society, that is one of the two struggles leaders face. They have great ideas but if they cannot convey it to the general public the idea is useless, also another problem is all the hopes and regulation that needs to be solved before the program can take effect. Policies and finances play so much into what a person can or cannot do, they dictate if a person will become a leader or just another ordinary person with great ideas.

  • Global Awareness:

My family is very traditional and care very much about the core of our culture; since I was raised in a society where family values and social values differ I was able to experience the best and worse of both. There are some things where others are confused on why I am who I am and why I act differently to them, it is because the way we were raised and our belief and values were different. I believe that people need to experience different cultures to truly understand the person and accept them for who they are. At OSU I would like to spread my own culture by being part of the Asian American clubs on campus, they share multiple events together and going to the event I meet people who are the same as me and had the same upbringing. These events are open to everyone so during certain holidays there are always events and I should try to get people to come.

  • Original Inquiry:

I am currently in the Neruorecovery Lab at the Wexner Medical Center and we do research on how computer-induced therapy on patients who have a stroke and Parkinson’s. For patients with Parkinson’s, we use brain lesion to study the effects of the surgery and incorporate drugs to help aid the regeneration of dopamine in the substania nigra and help with movement control. I have currently been offered another position in another lab regarding Alzheimer’s by Dr. Bishiop. That lab is new at Ohio State and I believe it would be a great way to get to learn more about diseases regarding the brain.

  • Academic Enrichment:

I want to be able to take some 5000 level courses here at OSU before I graduate, there are multiple courses I would like to attempt that is in the college of medicine and is peaking my interest. I want to take courses well beyond the normal student.

  • Leadership Development:

I take lead in labs during sciences courses and I am currently working towards a leadership position in the medical innovation club.

  • Service Engagement:

Volunteerinig at the hosptitals and genreal volunteering oppertunites I get along my way. I also want to begin shadowing doctors at hospitals and that way I can learn new method of helping patients and to serve the community.