Being a part of the Honors and Scholars program means that are a few ideas that we focus on and develop throughout our time at the Ohio State University: GOALS.

First, the G stands for Global Awareness. With global awareness, the focus is on diversity and individual differences. This can be accomplished through study abroad or just joining an organization that promotes a certain culture. For me, this is very important to me as someone who is Asian American, so my background was always different from most of my classmates. Currently, I have joined a couple of clubs on campus that promote Asian heritage.

The O stands for Original Inquiry, which is a bit like research, but the concept of taking a research topic and being able to utilize it in the outside world/community. This does not necessarily have to be research, but it can be anything you think of that can be implemented in the real world.

The A is for Academic Enrichment, and this is the plan students take to maximize their academic achievements, both in and out of the classroom. This includes academic extracurriculars and GE selections. This part of GOALS keeps students in check and responsible for their selections, making sure their time at OSU is 100% beneficial.

The L is for Leadership Development. This part of GOALS focuses on the position Honors/Scholars students should take in their classrooms or extracurriculars and how they help develop leadership skills for futureĀ professions.

And last is S, for Service Engagement. This focuses on how committed students are in participating in community service. This is also something I will be focusing on because I have been involved with community service for a large part of my life and I will want to continue with it.

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