My research focuses on the role of phonological biases, linguistic experience, as well as cognitive skills on language development in typically-developing children and children with hearing loss. Unraveling the complex interactions of these factors during the process of language acquisition does not only inform the fundamental features of learning, but also promises profound signi cance in informing clinical therapies.

Areas of specialization: Phonology, Language acquisition, Psycholinguistics
Areas of competence: Phonetics, Acoustics, Corpus linguistics

Current Research Interests:
Infant phonological acquisition
Infant-directed speech (IDS)
Attention to speech

Derek Houston (The Ohio State University)
Amanda Seidl (Purdue University)
Alex Cristia (ENS-DEC, EHESS)
Tonya Bergeson (Butler Universtiy)
Leo-Lyuki Nishibayashi (University of Ottawa)
Laura Dilley (Michigan State University)
Nazzi Thierry (Université Paris Descartes )
Fernando Llanos (University of Texas)