I was born in Lishui, Zhejiang, a beautiful city in southeast China; that’s why I speak both Wu Chinese and Mandarin Chinese as native languages.



I used to be (I still am) an avid sports enthusiast, being involved in a variety of activities, such as badminton, pingpong, tennis, etc. But I tried to restrict myself to only a few in recent years – why? – so that I could spend more time with kids visiting our lab! Well, you probably would agree with me that little ones are much more fun, right?

medals    Hiking

The ones that I am still actively involved in are badminton, resistant training, and hiking. Thanks to Purdue Badminton Club and now Buckeye Badminton Club, where I was/am able to constantly drill my badminton skills and meet lots of people who are very much fun! Ann Arbor Open and Purdue Open are my favorite badminton tournaments!