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Ziyue Wang‘Photo which was taken by my former roommate.

Ziyue Wang‘Photo which was taken by my former roommate.

Hello,everyone!My name is Ziyue,Wang.My English name is Zora which was given by my high school English teacher.My Chinese first name “Ziyue” means purple moon which has a similar pronunciation with “Zora”.Ideally,I am interested in all the interesting things.Reality,I rarely take actions to complete them.I guess I am not that like them.But there are still some activities I am really interested in and pursued them.For example,I love riding a bike around the lake with my family.During weekends,I always ride a bike with my brother to the Mountain Mo where I can have a good look of the East Lake.What is more,I am also love Photoshop very much.It is a good way to stimulate my creativity.As for traveling,I love to travel to all around the world.Each place has its own tradition and culture.




♥I am a Chinese.I was born in Wuhan,Hubei province.I have lived there for almost 20 years.My home is next to


Photo  A picture of part of Wuhan.

the EastLake and my high school’s name is Wuhan East Lake High School.It is really interesting.In fact,there are East Lake Primary School and College of East Lake in Wuhan.But I was not in that schools, owing to the poor quality of teaching.Wuhan locates nearby the Yangtze River,more specifically,in the middle and lower part.So the landform of Wuhan is plain.As the old saying goes,people love what they do not have.My family and me are looking forward to visiting the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.After I graduated from high school,we spent a month to drive from Wuhan to Tibet. We met a lot of magical things along the road.For instance,palmer who carried a huge bag went down on the road and stand up immediately,they did it from Chengdu to Lasa,it is around 2000 kilometers.


A golden saying I learned from my English teacher.And I made this picture using Photoshop.

♣I was a student in Wuhan Polytechnic University,before coming to Ohio State University.After 2 years communication learning at my former university,suddenly,I found that I was in my comfort zone.There was no challenge for me.I am just 20 years old now,I do not want to be stable in my early age.My mother always told me that if I do not study abroad,she can foresee the rest of my life:marry,babysitting and working.She wants me to experience the bigger world and to be a excellent person in the world.I still want to major in communication.I am interested in all kinds of culture and I am going to express culture!After  all,Life  is  too short  to  be  little.


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