Google Calendar, Quizlet and Google Document

The advantage of Google Calendar is that is really convenient when you are using chrome in your computer, it can give you some notifications in time and show on your desktop. The disadvantage is that Google Calendar does not have an app on your phones and iPads, which means that if you want to use it, it should on your computer. The advantage of quizlet is that it can help you to review for some quizs and exams, it has the question and linked answer on each card which need you to remember. The disadvantage of it is you need to buy a pass to view some important notes. The advantage of Google Document is that you can edit it online and share what you do with your classmates, and Google Document will automatically save what you have done, you will never lose your content. The disadvantage of it is must be used online, if there is no internet, you can not use it.

ESLTECH 2011 Summary

1. Time Management

In the first two weeks, we have learned how to use some online tools or apps for time management. As we all know, time management is necessary for students to do. However, the most difficult thing is that when students are facing too much pressure, like there will be many exams in the next week, they might have some trouble in set reasonable study tasks. Using Study Manager can solve this problem, when every study task is set reasonably, the study efficiency improved, the student knows what he will study and review.

2. Strategies On Taking Notes

In this week, I learned some skills on taking notes. I used to take notes on papers, which is traditional, though I can improve my writing speed to follow the class, sometimes you speed will never reach the same speed as the class, since speaking is always faster than writing. After I learned how use some apps and online tools, I can easily follow the teacher and pay much more attention to the class content instead of taking all the notes. The tools I use is notability, you can edit in a much easier way, and you can upload to online drive and review it anytime you want.

3. Learning Styles

I used to think there is one best way that has the highest study efficiency. However, after reading and watching some materials in this week, I found that it doesn’t matter whether the instructor choose students preferred way in studying. Since while you are listening to your teacher, you are also reading and may writing something, thus, there are no special way that have a higher study efficiency. Also, for most of the time, students need to get used to instructor’s style, instead of instructors change their ways in teaching, that is impossible. In a summary, students need to develop and be familiar with more learning styles.

Module 7

The most useful thing that I learned from this module is set a break in the study period. This way can really improve my study efficiency. In the past, I will always have no break until I have studied all the materials that I need to. This way always made me feel exhausted and the study efficiency is really low.

What I have put into practice from this module is using an APP called iTimer. This app can help me to set up some time periods to have a high efficiency. For example, I will always set up a half hour time period for reviewing some courses for final. This special time period is really helpful for me, because after half an hour, my mind will not be that concentrated, and the study efficiency will decrease.

One thing that I will put practice into future is to set a more reasonable biological clock. In this semester, my biological clock is not very regular, for most of the times, I sleep at about 2:00 AM. This makes me feel sleepy in the morning and I need more sleep time to recover from the night. Therefore, I will set up a more reasonable sleep time. I will sleep before 11:00 PM to have a high efficiency.

One advice that I want to give to students is to set up a reasonable time schedule for reviewing and sleeping. Because a full sleep will improve the students study efficiency in a really incredible way. The students can become really easy to be concentrated.

Module 6

The most useful thing that I learned from this module is the difference between searching and researching. Searching is very easy to do, the only thing that you need to do is to type some words into a search engine. However, research is totally different from that. At first, you need to narrow down the topic and then you should choose a right search engine such as google scholar to find some resources to read and write.

The idea that I put into practice is to do some necessary preparations before I write the paper. For example, after I narrowed down the topic, I will send an E-mail to my professor to know whether my direction is correct and meaningful to write. This method can save plenty of time, because if your direction is incorrect, no matter how many words you have written, they are meaningless and you will receive a low grade of this paper.

One thing I will put into practice in the future is using some skills of researching. For example, I will practice more with the Google Scholar. Google Scholar can give lots of academic resources that related to your topic, you just need to type in some key words and you can find lots of resources such as some journals and books.

One suggestion I would give to students is communicating more with your professors. Sometimes we think we can finish the essay or paper by ourself, but paper is different from a simple math problem, it doesn’t have a stand answer. Therefore, when you meet some difficulty, don’t be shy to ask your professor for help.

Module 5: Web-Enhanced Listening and Viewing Strategies

The most useful thing that I learned in this module is some ways to take notes. For example, the outline method. This method can give me a very clear view of what the lecture or some material told us.

One specific example that I have already used into practice is the outline method. Using this method, I can get the structure of the lecture and therefore feel easier to review for this lesson in the future. When I am taking a math course, I will use this method to write down the formula first and some followed explanations for it. This way saves me lots of time in reviewing some meaning of this formula. After learning how the formula appear. I can be more familiar with some practice questions which will use this formula.

One idea I learned from this module that I will put into practice is the Cornell method. This method is more flexible compared to the outline method. This method can always add some important notes that you came up with yourself as a reminder in your notes. Once you review these special remarks, you will know what difficulty you had before and you will pay more attention to it.

One advice that I would give to students is to use the outline method. Because this method is easier to use and this method has a clearer structure compared with the Cornell method. Once you feel familiar with using the outline method, you can try to use the Cornell method, this method is especially useful in some hard courses and concepts.

Module 4

The most useful thing that I learned from this schedule is reding online. This way is really efficient because it saves you lots of time to find a book in a book store. In addition, you can make some notes on an electric version which can be a reminder of some important contents.


One specific example that I put into practice is using the kindle to read some e-books. As we all know, the traditional books are very expensive, however, for the text books, we might just use it for one semester and then this book is not useful for us. In addition, the second hand book is much more cheaper than the original one. However, e-books will always be cheaper than the second hand book, which is useful and reasonable for students to use.


The idea that I will put into practice in the future is to use the Quizlet website. Quizlet is really helpful when you are preparing to review some exams and tests. It will give you an explicit explanation on some hard definitions. In addition, Quizlet also has some basic foundational questions and problems to help you make sure that you are familiar enough with some important definitions.



The advice that I will give to students is trying to use the Quizlet. As I mentioned before, Quizlet can save you considerable time in reviewing. In addition, Quizlet is very clear to see instead of some scrawled notes. And you can download some vital cards from the Quizlet to help you review better.




Module 3

One of the most useful things that I learned from this module is to create your own time line schedule. If there is no timeline, it is hard to know how much time you spend on one thing or task and you cannot get a clear schedule on the follow things. For example, if you spend too much time on doing one project you will have less time to do another one which has a same deadline. This will cause a big problem in your schedule, like one part broke, all the other part cannot work.

One thing I have already put into practice is the Google Calendar. Google Calendar is really helpful because you can set the remind time and the time period that the task will cost. In addition, you can add your own comments into the task, the description of the task is really useful in using less time to prepare the task. In the end, the whole efficiency improved a lot.

One thing that I will put into practice in the future is reducing the digital interruptions. For example, I will keep my phone away from me and set the silent mode  when I am studying to avoid some messages which might distract me. In addition, when I am using the computer to write the paper, I will give myself a limitation that just go through the import related page.

Based on what I’ve read or experienced during this module, one advice that I can give to students is that you should create a comfortable environment to study. For example, you should choose a quiet place to study which can help you be more concentrated and increase your learning efficiency.



Module 2 Reflection – ESPY 1159

The most important thing that I learned from this module is the core concept called communication. The reason that I think communication with you classmates and peers is really significant is because everyone plays an essential rule in their group. In addition, everyone has different rules in the group and everyone has things that they want or not want to do, so a good communication between your groupmates before starting one task is necessary to be successful in this task.


The example from this module that I put into practice is to choose a leader in your group. Because everyone hate to do the most difficult work, however, there must be someone to do that. To make everybody feel fair in this group, the leader is necessary. Firstly, the leader can give different tasks to different person to make the efficiency of the group to be higher. Secondly, the leader can balance the different task, people in the group can do the hardest part in an order, everyone will do one different part in the end. Therefore, everyone will feel fair to work in this group.


The idea that I need to put into practice is learning how to contact with different rules in a different format. Because I am an international student, I am not familiar with the email format such as the email’s tile and summary. As a result, my instructors and professors sometimes might miss my email. Therefore, I will pay more attention of how to write and formatted email and I will change my email to the right format and write my email’s title clearly.


The advice that I would give to students is that communicate more with your classmates for assignments’ problems. Since your professor or instructor might have a large number of students, sometimes it will take a long time to get reply from them. However, you can communicate with your classmates about your problems, because you have the same assignment and they might know how to solve it. In addition, you can just use the Carmen Message to contact your classmates, this will also save some time.