Welcome to the Geodesy Research Group homepage !

Our group focus on developing novel scientific and engineering applications by using a variety of satellite-based geodetic techniques, including

  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) for high-precision (i.e., centimeter-level) positioning for both static and kinematic applications (i.e., real-timeĀ  kinematic positioning, reference frame realization, crustal deformation modeling, infrastructure deformation monitoring, etc.)
  • Satellite Gravimetry (i.e., GRACE, GRACE Follow-on) for understanding Earth system changes (i.e., water storage changes, ice sheet changes, earthquake deformations, etc.).
  • Satellite Altimetry for determining ice-sheet and ocean surface elevations.

We also focus on developing new methodologies for the combination of observations from multiple ground-based and satellite-based sensors.


GPS survey along the Lost River Fault, which is the normal fault activated in the 1983 (Mw 6.9) earthquake in Idaho, US


High-precision vehicle-to-vehicle positioning experiment using GPS



Opportunities: we are always looking for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers with a background in geodesy, physics, geophysics, engineering, or mathematics who are interested in satellite geodesy and its scientific/engineering applications. If you are interested in joining our group at the Ohio State University, please contact Dr. Lei Wang.