TradeMark Reflection

I had originally thought that trademark laws were very rigid and that it was illegal to use or download anything without the permission of the original author or without giving them credit/money. However, TradeMark’s presentation challenged my thinking by teaching me that while copyright rules do exist and are quite strict, copyleft rules also exist that allow users the freedom to use and distribute works as they want under the condition that those works, once distributed, offer the same freedoms to other users. This advice helps me in that I now know that while citing sources remains important, using content freely is not always an issue, and that works protected by copyleft laws allow me to use, modify, and distribute them freely as well. Specifically, I am more aware of the legal issues surrounding the use and distribution of online content and media, which I will often need to use as a student. Therefore, I can rest at ease knowing that copyleft laws exist that will allow me to use media for my own academic works both now and in the future.

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