Annotated Bibliography – Source 1

Dickson, E. M. (1984). Comparing Artificial Intelligence and Genetic Engineering: Commercialization Lessons. AI Magazine5(4), 44–47. Retrieved from

The source states that the movement of artificial intelligence into the mainstream industry instead of just for research purposes is similar to that of the commercialization of genetic engineering. The author is a biological researcher, meaning that he is well-versed in the topics of genetic engineering as well as artificial intelligence. I chose this source because it shows the similarities and differences between the commercialization of genetic engineering and artificial intelligence. This source covers the period of time in which artificial first began to bloom, but still holds relevant today since the comparisons remain generally true. I found this source through Google Scholar by limiting my search query to include keywords such as “genetic” and “artificial, as well as narrowing the date down to the more recent decades to reflect the development of the industry as a whole. This source is hosted by AI Magazine.

One thought on “Annotated Bibliography – Source 1

  1. Overall I think This is a good source to use as it seems to be able to be related to your thesis. I did, however, think it may have been a little old for your subject. Your subject relates to ai and technology. Ai technology has grown an incredible amount in the last few years alone. In the 1980s it would have been in one of its earlier stages. This is not complete negative but as many years as passed and Ai’s have changed so many applications for it or problems may have came out that they did not think of then.

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