Annotated Bibliography – Source 4

Erickson, B. E. (2015, June 29). Editing Of Human Embryo Genes Raises Ethics Questions. Retrieved November 13, 2019, from

This source discusses more about the ethics issues involved with genetic engineering and genome editing, and raises some specific questions surrounding the issues. The author is a member of the American Chemical Society, so they are therefore credible on the topic since I assume they have experience with the chemistry of what goes on in the body, as well as the chemistry behind genome editing. I chose this source because the specific questions it raises against genetic engineering can be used for my counterargument in my paper. The source is relevant as many of the legal concerns are still applicable today. I found this source by doing a Google Scholar search limiting the keywords to words such as “genetic” and “artificial”. This is hosted on Chemical & Engineering News.

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  1. Personally I found your topic fascinating, AI has always been an interesting topic for me. However, I feel you should limit your focus on AI, adding genome editing into your narrative might a little too ambitious for an 8 pages essay. I understand they are related in many fields, but since your thesis is about AI, you might want to eliminate some distractions for the audiences.

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