Group 4, Class 1

Should First-Year students be allowed to have cars on campus?

First year students should be allowed to have cars on campus.


  1. Many students live off-campus and commute to school, and because of this, it is much easier for them to drive to school.
  2. Most first year students can already drive legally, since the legal driving age is 16.
  3. Students sometimes need to go off campus, and many buses only come every 30-40 minutes, so it would save time for them to drive themselves to where they need to go.


  • About 30,000 of students at Ohio State commute to school, out of a student body size of 66,000 (Eshun).
  • 87% of drivers obtain their license at the age of 16 (U.S. Department of Transportation).


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  • According to this infographic, at public 4-year universities such as Ohio State, an average of over 30 percent of first-year students commute to campus.
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