G.O.A.L.S. Statement

Global Awareness: I will receive foundational global awareness through my general education courses, Religious Studies and Anthropology in specific.  I will translate this information outside the classroom by hopefully participating in a study abroad experience where I will immerse myself into a foreign country and unfamiliar culture to gain an even greater global awareness.  I will also gain global awareness specific to my field of interest, medicine, by taking part in a Medlife service trip to South America to bring healthcare to those most in need.  On a daily basis, I read newspapers and watch news channels in order to enrich my awareness as to what is happening in the world around me.

Original Inquiry: I will gain a better understanding of the research process by becoming involved in laboratories, both on-campus and in my home town.  I will also engage in original inquiry by taking specific classes I find interesting.  In addition, I attend office hours with various professors to gain a better understanding of their field of expertise.  Inquiry extends beyond the classroom and laboratory, and I will continue to be a curious person, asking questions about the way I see the world and engaging in others’ perspectives.

Academic Enrichment: I will continue to be an academically enriched student by being an active participant in the Ohio State Honors program, taking rigorous classes and challenging myself in new ways.  I will broaden my horizons and take classes I know nothing about to become a multi-faceted student with understanding in more than one field.

Leadership Development: I will continue to be an active member of Medlife and Nu-Ro-Psi and will work towards earning a leadership position in one of these groups.  I will also be a leader on a daily basis by tutoring my friends who are struggling in various courses and helping my little sisters with their studies.  I will continue to lead by example by making the right decisions and staying faithful to my personal values.

Service Engagement: I will continue to be a service-oriented man by actively seeking out those on the margins of society and those most in need and offering my assistance or friendship whenever possible.  I will participate in service trips to various countries and spend my time helping these people.  I will become involved with on-campus service groups so that I can serve those in my Columbus community.