ACES Mentee Check In

Julie Meyer – Major: Health Sciences

Rachel Sutton – Major: Early Childhood Education

Five Questions: What kind of study habits have you developed? Did they work successfully in the fall?

How have you gotten involved on campus?

Have you enjoyed the ACES living-learning community in Smith-Steeb? Why or why not?

Have your career plans changed since your first semester? Why or why not?

What has surprised you about Ohio State since arriving on campus?

I was so excited to get to talk to Rachel and Julie now that they have been at OSU for a full semester! They both were much more relaxed than the first interview we did, as they have adjusted to college life. They have learned that studying in college is much different than studying in high school. Until now, neither of them ever had to spend too much time studying, but in college, they have found themselves spending the majority of their time doing homework and preparing for midterms. As the library is a good walk from Smith Steeb, Julie said she likes  to study on her floor, but she will also go to SEL since they are open late. They realized after last semester that they should study more than they do, and they have both made that their goal for this semester. To spend a large majority of their time studying so that they can end the year with the GPA that they want. They both have gotten involved in different organizations, such as pre-med club, but they said it has been hard as a freshman to balance homework, involvement, and their social lives. Rachel talked about how it has been hard to get involved since there are so many different clubs and organizations to choose from. They both want to become more involved next year as they will know more about themselves and OSU as a whole. They both have loved living with all of the other ACES this year. Their floor has become so close, and they are going to be living on the 7th floor of Smith Steeb next year with each other. They both seemed very grateful for the friends that ACES has given them, and they were glad that they could meet such awesome people. They both have stuck with their majors and career plans throughout this year, and they are interested in becoming more involved in their colleges with major specific clubs, such as pre-med club, volunteering at the hospital, and becoming involved in research. What has surprised them both about Ohio State is that it is not as big as it originally feels. During the first semester interview, they both talked about how big the school felt, but that they could tell it was already starting to feel smaller. They talked now about how they have found their group of friends, and OSU feels like home. They did say that they never realized how much walking they would do in college, considering you walk everywhere, and they don’t have cars on campus. Between public transportation and walking to class, they have found different ways of getting around Columbus. Both Julie and Rachel were excited for Spring Break and the end of the year, however, the fact that their freshman year is almost over is crazy to them. They can’t wait to see what next year brings them, however, they realized they will be sad to spend the summer away from their friends and OSU, as they now call this home.


ACES Mentee Interview

Julie Meyer – Major: Health Sciences

Rachel Sutton – Major: Early Childhood Education

Five questions: How did you decide on your major?

How do you plan to get involved on campus?

Why did you choose ACES?

What is your dream job and why?

Miscellaneous category: What has surprised you about Ohio State? What is your   favorite thing to eat at Scott?

Both Julie and Rachel were both very passionate when talking about their majors. Julie’s dream job is to be a doctor because she wants to help care for people and hopefully make a difference in their lives. She decided on health sciences because she felt that it gave her a very broad range of classes and she would be able to apply different skills and knowledge to her future patients because of that. Rachel felt the same as Julie when it came to picking her major, she wanted to make a difference in someone’s life, and since she loves working with kids, she decided on Early Childhood Education in the hopes of becoming a teacher. Being involved in ACES for both girls really came back to their caring for others attitude. Rachel thought that being involved could help her in her major and expose her to working with children while on campus. They were both really surprised about the diversity that they found on campus when first coming to Ohio State. Being from Cleveland and Columbus respectively, they did not realize that Ohio State is way more diverse than either of their hometowns, or than either of them could have realized. Rachel brought up walking to and from classes, and they both said that they thought it would be a lot more walking than it is, that, or they have just gotten used to it already as they were laughing to each other. Both of them have the majority of their classes on north campus which they said they enjoy because it forces them to stay over their during their breaks from class and get work done, rather than coming back to their rooms in between and watching Netflix or just hanging out. They both seemed a little stressed when we began talking about involvement on campus. I reminded them that its really over, its easy to be confused on what to do with all of your free time. Julie has joined both Bioethics and Premed club, but she did say that she really misses the structure of home and high school. They both touched on the fact that they have found that they plan out their day in the morning and continue to modify their schedule as they go. They pick when and where they are going to have lunch and dinner, they decide what homework to do when and if they are going to go to the library or downstairs in the study rooms. We talked about how its really easy to lose track of time and get distracted if you don’t have a plan for yourself. As we were talking about this and having classes far from Smith – Steeb we started talking about dining plans and where they like to eat. They both spend a lot of time at Scott because they can swipe in during their classes and work on homework while they eat lunch or get together with some friends. We all agreed that the breakfast station at Scott is by far our favorite. As we continued to talk about anything and everything I realized just how similar the three of us all are which made me really glad that I decided to participate in the mentorship program. We brainstormed different places to go for our Columbus outing and talked about other fun things to do in the city, and on campus. I enjoyed being able to share my stories from freshmen year with them and give them advice as to what I found worked and was helpful for me last year. We all were in agreement that we can’t wait for fall break next week, as its that point in the semester where we’re all just pretty drained. Overall, I would say the interview went really well, and I enjoy have two mentees because I feel like it helps them to be more comfortable with me and to also get closer with each other.


Global Awareness: Here at OSU, you can find diversity everywhere.  From different classes, to people, to clubs, there is a comfort zone for everyone.  That also means that it is relatively easy to be able to step out of your comfort zone and partake in something that is new and different to you.  So far this semester I have not really developed a large global perspective, which makes me even more excited to be able to do that in the future.  A few weeks ago, I attended a study abroad information session with my friend.  I was never interested in studying abroad, but after she had me go with her, I am so eager to be able to go to a different country and learn about the culture and ways of the people who live there.  I also am really excited to be able to take more diverse courses as I continue here at Ohio State, in the hopes of learning something new and expanding my global perspective.

Original Inquiry: This semester I had to complete a number of hours helping out graduate students with research for my Communications 1100 class.  At first I was dreading spending time taking surveys and answering questions, however, I found the research to be very interesting.  I worked with a number of different graduate students on different projects, and each one was different in their own way.  I loved being able to contribute to something that was so important to these students.

Academic Enrichment: I have definitely spent a good amount of time this semester questioning my major decision.  I have officially decided to change my major to Early Childhood Education and I couldn’t be more excited about that.  This semester I was in really awesome and different classes.  From learning about good eating habits in Nutrition, to be completely confused in Econ, I really challenged myself to work hard and get good grades as a first semester college student.  I wanted to be able to also do something I love while I’m here at school, so I decided to add a dance minor to my course work.  My classes for that don’t start until next semester, but I’m excited to take on this challenge and be able to do something I love, dance.

Leadership Development: This semester I auditioned for the Club Dance team and I am now an official member.  I am working my way up to hopefully be the social chair of Club Dance team once the time comes.  I also have become a floor senator in Smith Steeb.  As a floor senator I go to weekly meetings with the Board of Activities at Smith Steeb and I get to vote on different events that are presented to us.  I love to be able to take part in what will be happening in my building and what will be provided for my peers.  Next year I hope to be involved with OUAB or USG so I can gain more leadership experience as I get closer and closer to graduation.

Service Engagement: Unfortunately this semester my schedule did not allow for me to take part in a ongoing service activity.  My roommate gets to go to a school every week and help kids with homework and play with them and it sounds like so much fun.  I hope to be able to do something like this next semester because I love working with young kids and helping out.


My first artifact is my number 16 Club Dance Team audition number. Dance has been a big part of my life ever since I was little, and one of the hardest parts of transitioning to college for me was leaving dance.  During the involvement fair at the beginning of the year I stopped at the Club Dance Team table and decided to audition a couple weeks later.  I was nervous because I didn’t know anyone, and also sad because I wouldn’t be dancing with my best friends from back home anymore.  However, I made the team, and I couldn’t be any happier.  Dance rehearsal is what I look forward to the most during my week, and if I wasn’t on the team, I wouldn’t have made the best friends that I have.



My second artifact is my ACES film project.  The ACES film project was my first big college assignment.  Throughout high school, teachers always warn you about college projects and papers.  They sound so scary.  So when preparing to start working on the ACES film project with my group, I was nervous.  I wanted to make sure, not only that we got a good grade, but that we submitted our project on time and that it was professional and acceptable for the class. It was a great experience, being able to work on this project in a group because I didn’t know anyone in my group before and throughout the project we became friends.  I also felt very connected to the ACES pillars while watching the movie and completing the project which helped remind me what ACES is all about.

Who Am I?

My name is Kelly Walsh and I am a Freshman at OSU!  I am from Avon Lake, I have two younger sisters, and I love to dance.  Besides dancing I also love to read, babysit, be outside, and cook.  However, dancing has always been my favorite thing to do.  I have been dancing since I was three and it has taught me many life lessons and has also given me great friends.  I come from Magnificat High School which is an all girls catholic high school on the west side of Cleveland.

My most meaningful experience at Magnificat was when I traveled to Immokalee, Florida.  The summer going into Senior year, our Campus Ministry department goes on three different immersions trips, with ten girls on each trip.  I was lucky enough to be chosen to go to Immokalee.  Immokalee is a place where everybody knows everybody, the daily Catholic Mass is said in Spanish, and most importantly it is home to migrant farm workers. We traveled to Immokalee to immerse ourselves in the culture and lives of the Immokalee people. On our first day, we met with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), a worker-based human rights organization fighting for fair pay for farm workers and to end human trafficking. The workers in Immokalee earn fifty cents for one thirty-two pound bucket of tomatoes that they pick; rates that don’t come close to minimum wage. I learned that just one cent more per pound of tomatoes would get workers to a minimum wage level.  Sadly, many major corporations will not sign a contract with CIW for even a one cent per pound increase. From working with Habitat for Humanity, to playing soccer with kindergarteners, I found myself growing in understanding of the people of Immokalee, of the people I came with, and of myself. The hardest part during my week was seeing the awful living and working conditions of these people. The family lives of the kids I worked with are so torn apart and the struggle to provide essential goods for one’s family is what every parent worries about every day. I went to Immokalee to help others, but the trip taught me so much more than just service.  I was taught by kids thirteen years younger than me that I should appreciate everything I have because I am blessed.  Immokalee was my home for a week, but Immokalee helped me find a home inside myself.  A place where I feel comfortable spreading awareness about issues in Immokalee. A place where I realize that because of my experiences in Immokalee, I am able to communicate my beliefs and feelings about fair wage issues to my peers; a place where I appreciate what I have and realize that what really matters and makes a person feel secure is love. I cannot thank Immokalee enough for giving me the best high school experience I could ever imagine. 

Aside from going to Immokalee, my high school experience consisted of a lot of time spent on figuring out good ways to study so that I could get the grades that I wanted.  I have always been very organized with my notes and my study habits which really helps me to learn better.  I also like to study in a quite place by myself.  I don’t do well in group study sessions because it’s harder for me to concentrate with others around.  My goals are to study hard and get the best possible grades that I can.  Aside from that I also want to be able to make new friends and create many memories throughout the next four years.  I still do not really know what I want to do once I graduate.  I’m thinking about opening up my own dance studio or even working at a children’s hospital as a dietitian.

Year in Review

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