As a member of the Honors & Scholars program at The Ohio State University, members are required to fulfill the G.O.A.L.S. aspects of their college career to get the most out of our undergraduate experience. This acronym consists of five aspects that both the Honors program and I can agree contributes to one’s success in all aspects of their life; Global Awareness, Original Inquiry, Academic Enrichment, Leadership Development and Service Engagement. This is how I plan to use the resources and opportunities provided by campus staff and the city of Columbus to fulfill these goals:


  • Global Awareness: In addition to my Indian heritage, I plan on studying one semester abroad, preferably in France, to learn about European and French culture and how it affects healthcare in a country that has a different government system. I would also like the opportunity to travel to countries that don’t have access to the medical resources necessary to treat the common cold. I think that would be an eye-opening experience to see first-hand how lucky of a country America is to not only have the option to educate yourself but to also have the availability to go to the nearest drug-store or convenience store and purchase Tylenol or aspirin to self-medicate one’s symptoms. It would be experiences like these that would help me understand how to adjust to different healthcare procedures in varying circumstances, and how to interact with patients of varying backgrounds and lifestyles. These skills would help me not only be a compassionate doctor but also a kind-hearted human being.


  • Original Inquiry: To fulfill the Original Inquiry aspect of my education, I would like to develop relationships with professors conducting research in the field of medicine or biology. Through these research experiences, I will get a taste of the work that goes into truly contributing to the databank of knowledge and the obstacles researchers to face not only to develop explanations to phenomena but to test the results of new drugs and treatments. With the practice of the scientific method in my Biology 1114H class with a semester-long research project regarding endophytes and their effect on plant growth, I am confident that I will build and apply my research skills to one day become a research assistant.


  • Academic Enrichment: The primary way I will accomplish this aspect of my undergraduate is pursuing advanced courses that challenge my pre-existing schemas and allow myself to try and understand other’s perspectives and expand my knowledge. I think that developing a strong foundational base of concepts across many subjects is helpful when trying to come up with solutions to problems that I haven’t faced before or to improve already known solutions due to varying circumstances. I would also like to dedicate a couple of hours every weekend volunteering at a hospital and possibly shadow a doctor that works in NICU so I can get some first-hand experience on what a day in my future occupation would be like and if it something that I would truly want to do.


  • Leadership Development: I previously mentioned wanting to shadow professionals and volunteering at hospitals and through these opportunities, I think I would acquire skills to be able to be my own type of leader in everyday situations. To me being a leader does not consist of always holding the superior higher-paying position, but having enough knowledge in the specialized field, having the respect of my colleagues, and being able to play to their strengths and knowing how to delegate work so that we all can work efficiently to accomplish the task at hand. I believe with time as a tool, I will able to hone my skills to be an accomplished student and medical professional.


  • Service Engagement: I think volunteering in multiple contexts is helpful for someone who will be interacting with people on a daily basis. I try and keep a lookout for volunteer opportunities that not only include the field of medicine but just helping others in general. It not only makes me feel good that I can make a small difference in the world but the memories of finding others who also have similar interests and forming those sorts of relationships is important to me.

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