About Me

            My name is Connor Wallace. I am an aspiring counselor and a soon-to-be professional writer. I am currently a senior at The Ohio State University and will graduate in the spring of 2019. I am on the Dean’s List and my average typing speed is 90 WPM.

            I have a very strong background in writing. The total amount of pages I have written since high school until now amounts to over 1900 pages. Writing stories in my free time has always been a passion of mine.

            This semester I am taking a training course to become a writing tutor during the spring. It is good experience for a one-on-one setting, which showcases the leadership abilities I possess to become a counselor. Tutoring also teaches me my shortcomings in writing, which leads to major improvements in my penmanship. This will allow me to construct more efficient case studies for those I counsel. I hope my writing is clear enough that other professionals in my field will be able to read my notes and understand them. That way, if one of my patients get transferred to another counselor, the move will be flawless.

            I plan to get my masters degree for clinical counseling when I graduate in the spring. When I get my M.D. I want to find a job as a clinical counselor wherever people may need me the most. After I have gotten a stable job I will settle down and start my own family.