Passion for Art


Learning had never been that difficult to me. I’ve had struggles with certain topics in school, but I’ve always found ways for me to learn them. That all changed when I entered high school. High school is completely different from lower levels of education because it focuses on testing rather than teaching. Once I realized that high school was only a passing point to get to college, I wasn’t happy because I truly enjoy the process of learning. It became more difficult to understand information. During sophomore year, I began taking art classes. I’ve always been creative, but was never interested in arts. After taking a second level drawing class, I began seeing art as a language and way of thinking. The artwork above is titled “…but we love each other!” In 2013, I became very passionate about domestic violence because my sister was murdered by her boyfriend. The artwork is closest to my heart and reminds me of the moment I figured out art was my passion. I created “…but we love each other” for my final project in drawing class. The class helped me find a new way of learning, which has influenced the way I handle school assignments and other aspects in life. By finding my passion for art, I now know that I am more of a visual and tactile learner. It’s easier for me to understand something through images and processes. For example, if I forget a piece of information while taking a test, I try to remember where it was on my study guide. Finding out what type of learner you are is important because it helps you understand how you see the world.

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