Music is a huge part of my life. I started playing the viola in my middle school orchestra at age 11. The viola looks like a violin, but is larger and has a deeper sound. Playing an instrument opens my mind up to a whole new world. Almost everyone loves music, but there’s something about knowing how to create music that made me appreciate it even more. Playing the viola has brought me closer to myself. Music, much like art, is another form of communication and keeps me close to the deeper side of my emotions. Playing in an orchestra has taught me how to work well with others. Orchestra requires teamwork and participation from everyone involved. Everyone is expected to practice and give their all during rehearsals and performances. Being in orchestra was an unique experience because it showed me how people perceive things in different ways. Listening and seeing the way others play brings out their personality and gave me a look into how they see the world. Learning how to work with others by paying attention to their perception of life is important in educational and work environments. It also reminds me that the world is a diverse place and everyone goes through their own experiences that shape who they are as a person.

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