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I am looking to survey and interview African-American and Latino designers, of any discipline, to hear about their educational background, career achievements and design work. I want to discover how and what influenced their career decisions, including any design communication tools that assisted with their decision making process.

Tentative Calendar:

  • Seeking Research Participants for Pilot Focus Group: July 2014
  • Focus Group (Pilot): August 2014
  • Interviews (Pilot): August 2014
  • Portique’s (Pilot): September 2014
  • Portique’s (Pilot): September 2014
  • Information gathering: All 2015
  • IRB Application: November 2015
  • Begin Electronic Surveys: January 2016
  • Focus Group: February 2016
  • Interviews: February 2016
  • Thesis Defense: April 2016


Participant Form:

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