About Me

I am a second year in the Ohio State University’s honors program studying sociology and philosophy and am an aspiring writer.  While both of these disciplines allow me to do a great deal of reading and writing, and although I am planning to take creative writing classes as well, I’d really like to expand my scope beyond writing for classes.  I was an avid writer and editor for my high school paper and my experiences working with the staff greatly shaped me.

I’ve written far too many hundreds of thousands of words in my life to possibly count and have written everything from news articles and pieces detailing a sports team season to fiction and poetry to long diatribes about mass incarceration and the sexism present in all-male high school environments.  While I have the most experience with and most enjoy opinion pieces and similar essays, I also greatly enjoy personal writing and creative fiction and have experimented some with pop culture reviews.

With my love of writing in mind, I hope to use this e-portfolio as a space to share all those writing projects I have locked in my head or stuck in Google Docs and to similarly reflect on things I write or have written in the past.  This is a space for my creativity to show and for my creative instinct to not be hampered by tight constraints of course writing requirements.