Global Awareness: one way I can do this is right on campus through diversity clubs like Mundo or just engaging in dialogue with other students from diverse backgrounds.  I also intend to study abroad at some point in my undergraduate career.

Original Inquiry: I would like to reach out to faculty and engage in research work, particularly in the realm of prisons and policing.

Academic Enrichment: I would like to maintain a high GPA while taking courses that both challenge and excite me.  I also hope to extend my skills and knowledge to extra curriculars, service, and research.

Leadership Development: I would like to write for The Lantern and hopefully eventually earn an editorial position there; further, I hope to engage in leadership in an area of volunteering some time during my four years.

Service: I want to get involved with the Passgo club here at OSU more once my schedule allows for it.  I also hope to volunteer at the local Planned Parenthood clinic and hopefully other organizations in the Columbus area, as well.

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