Motivation is very important to help drive yourself to reach your goals. It is very important to have motivation throughout your college experience because without it you will not strive to succeed. There are many different forms of motivation such as intrinsic and extrinsic. Forms of intrinsic motivation things that you yourself are motivated by. Such as the pride you have when you receive a good grade on an exam or in a course. this type of motivation is great for your self-esteem and building confidence throughout your college career. This will help to motivate you to study and receive the best grades. There are other outside factors for motivation which are called Extrinsic. These type of factors are such as good grades, and awards. These two type of motivations go hand-in-hand because by receiving good grades and compliments it will help to build your self-esteem and pride in yourself and your schoolwork. It is important to always set goals and reach those goals. Self motivation is key in any environment whether it be school or working. He must have motivation to try your best in every line of work that you do.

Research and searching

It is important when doing any coursework to understand the difference of researching and searching the Internet for a reliable information. There are many sites and sources out there that may not be correct or have false information. This can I have a negative impact on your paper or whatever research you were doing. It is important to know the difference between research and searching and how to differentiate between the two. When you are just searching a topic you are doing a very vague look through. This is the time that you were looking for reliable resources that you can use to further your argument or whatever you’re researching for. When you are searching for reliable resources it is important to pay attention to what the URL says. When you begin the research phase you will be focusing more on reliable resources such as websites that and This usually means that this is a credible source and can be verified. One great tool if you’re unsure if a source is reliable or worthy of usage would be to use Google scholar. Google scholar is a great resource to look up articles books and almost anything related to a topic. Using Google scholar you will be verified that it is reliable.

Note taking

All online learning is a very difficult thing to navigate if it is new to you. It is very important to stay organized within your online courses. One of the best ways to do so is maintaining your notes for each course. Every class can have a different lecture that can be at least an hour long. It is important to stay organized within near notetaking and there are simple steps to take that can help you with this. The first step can be to Record your lectures. This way you can focus on either listening or taking notes during the lecture. After the lecture it is important to go through and organize your notes. You do not need every detail of your notes. You should sit down while reviewing and summarize your notes. It will not be beneficial to have notes that you cannot understand later on. Organizing and putting into your own words will help you to learn the material. It’s also important for rehearsal if information so as you go test yourself. Create test questions or flash cards to rehearse.



There are many online resources available free for students to help navigate their coursework. With many of the current classes online and less resources at hand with not being on campus it is important to know what’s available. There are many great resources available online but one that I have used is Quizlet. Quizlet, is a great online resource used by many students. This resource is available anytime and it is free! An extra plus added to all the great things it offers. It can be challenging to create and keep track of notecards to study. however, this online tool makes it easy because you can create your own notecards and save them. It’ll be easily accessible anywhere because there’s an app for your phone as well. It will be very useful when finals come around, this resource also creates study quizzes that give options of multiple choice, true or false, and matching. You can organize your classes and save exams for each category. The website will allow you to access other students notecards and study tools for each course as well.

Time Management

Time management is key to success in any aspect of your life. It is very important to keep up on assignments especially when most of your classes are online-based during the semester. It is very easy to let procrastination get the best of you during the summer semester, and that is why there are great tips to use to help create time. Many students have at least two to three courses in the summer that can take create a heavy workload for a short amount of time. One helpful tip to get through is to use a Google Calendar to organize your classes for the semester. It is super easy to set up and allows you to create events that can repeat to remind you of what courses you have that week. Another great tool that it has tasks, this will allow you to add a task to the day or event created on your calendar that week. This is especially useful for managing your time with assignments as to set little reminders to start projects. The second helpful tip for managing your time is to create small times throughout the day to start an assignment. Having small amounts of time such as five to ten minutes a day or every few hours to work on a project will help to make it seem as though it was no time at all. This will also help you to not procrastinate on the project and properly manage your time to get complete the assignment.

Communicating Online

Communication is the key to success in any classroom environment. It may be even more so essential to your learning experience and communication with peers in an online setting. There are many things to consider when thinking of how to properly communicate online via discussion boards, emails, and zoom. Professors depend heavily on such resources to effectively teach, communicate, and create an in person feeling. When communicating online via discussion boards and email it is very important to remember that they cannot see you. The tone of your message is very important to avoid slang or sarcasm as this can give the wrong message of what you are trying to portray. Using formal introductions helps the reader or professor to understand who is talking and what they are saying. This will help to keep communication clear and concise. Emails can be the only source of communication you have with a classmate or professor when working in the online format. Using your email to introduce and create the proper first impression of who you are. This will help to start creating a lasting impression on those around you even when not in person. There are key tips to emailing and communicating with professors. It is important to make sure to introduce yourself including the class and class section you are in. You want to maintain professional in all emails and communications.