SP24 – POTA with W8YX!

Join us on April 13 for POTA at Cowan Lake State Park!

W8LT (Ohio State University) and W8YX (University of Cincinnati) will be at the Cowan Lake Dance Pavilion from 9AM to 6PM, April 13, for POTA activation. Community members for both clubs are welcome to join us throughout the day.

Please bring your own folding chair! We are not certain how many benches will be available.

Email at for any questions. If you are an OSU student interested but in need of a ride, email us and we can work to set up a carpool.

The Cowan Lake Dance Pavilion is located off Yankee Road near the public beach. There is parking and a portable toilet across from the pavilion.

More information about Cowan Lake State Park can be found here.


SP24 Zoom Presentation: Logging Software

Our next club Zoom meeting is Monday, Feb. 19, 7-8PM EST, featuring a presentation by Victoria K8VSY on logging software.

Are you curious about logging contacts for ham radio? Why would I log ham radio contacts? And where do I log them to? We have the answers for you! In this presentation we’ll be covering many of these questions and more on logging software. We’ll cover many of the basics of what a “contact” is, why logging is important, and what logging contacts can do for you!

These meetings are primarily directed and centered toward OSU students, but OSU faculty, staff, and alumni are welcome to participate. If you are a non-OSU community member and interested in joining our meetings, email me at

Zoom link here:



SP24 W8LT Biweekly Zoom Meetings

For Spring semester 2024, W8LT will meet every other Monday (biweekly) over Zoom, 7-8PM EST.

Our first Zoom meeting occurs Monday, January 29 @ 7-8PM.

These meetings are primarily directed and centered toward OSU students, but OSU faculty, staff, and alumni are welcome to participate. If you are a non-OSU community member and interested in joining our meetings, email me at

Zoom link here:




AU23 Night on the Air, August 26

W8LT will be hosting a Night on the Air to kick off the new school year!

Join us 6PM Saturday, August 26, at the W8LT ham shack for a club meet & greet and some time on the air.

All students and alumni are invited! The W8LT ham shack is located in room 040 of Bevis Hall, 1080 Carmack Rd.

Please RSVP by emailing!

AU22 School Club Roundup Coming Up

Arthur here with some updates.

We had a great time with the Collegiate QSO Party and managed to get a good handful of contacts, despite our antenna challenges. Will share our score results once we receive them!

This upcoming week is the ARRL School Club Roundup. W8LT will have the hamshack open Monday Oct 17 – Friday Oct 21.

If you’re interested in joining us at the hamshack for SCR, add your name to this When2Meet (only select timeslots that have “Shack Open” in the Available column).


To coincide with SCR, we’re having a Zoom meeting Monday Oct 17 @ 7PM. Anyone is welcome to join us on Zoom! A couple W8LT members will be at the shack to give a quick virtual tour and answer any questions/advise new club members. This will be a casual meeting to encourage folks to join us at the shack for SCR!

Use this link to join our Zoom meeting on Monday Oct 17 at 7PM (est).


If you have any questions or issues with the links, you can email me at

I’m hoping to see more folks in the hamshack next week for School Club Roundup!



AU22 Collegiate QSO Party This Weekend

Hi folks,

We never announced last year’s Collegiate QSO Party results. For 2021 we made 3rd place with 222 points (and beat Michigan). Let’s see how well we do this year!

This coming Saturday and Sunday (Oct. 1-2) W8LT will be participating in the Collegiate QSO Party. You can sign up here if you want to join us in the hamshack.

We’ll be fighting various circumstances which might put us at a competitive disadvantage.

For one, we haven’t been able to repair the 40m dipole yet, so we’ll only be able to get on bands the hex beam can reach.

Our timeframe will also be confined by gameday tailgating & traffic on Saturday. We’ll get to Bevis at 7AM, but won’t be able to stay long Saturday afternoon.

With all those challenges in mind, I still expect this weekend to be a fun time. I bet we’ll get a good amount of contacts.

If you have any questions about this weekend, email me at



Collegiate QSO Party Recap

W8LT made a total of 94 contacts over the weekend of the 2021 Collegiate QSO Party. We made contacts with Costa Rica, Italy, and Slovenia on top of the usual domestic contacts.

an arm reaches towards one of the many radios stacked in the ham shack

Larry, Marcel, Victoria, Arthur, and Rocky volunteered their time to make this happen. Thank you for helping us keep the club going!

We will update everyone with results once scoring is completed. Looking to hold on to that top collegiate score spot!

Involvement Fair AU21

Handmade W8LT Poster with drawing of radio

Welcome back to OSU! Or welcome for the first time 🙂

Our officers and advisor were camped out on the Oval from 4-7 PM for the Fall Student Involvement Fair this past Sunday. It was searingly hot (and crowded) but completely worth it as we handed out fliers and showed off our radio setup.

We hope that incoming and returning students enjoyed the event and the opportunity to connect with all kinds of student orgs.

The involvement fair was just the start for us – Our club will be meeting bi-weekly (with some extra weekend dates) all semester! Future meetings are still being planned so we don’t overlap with other organization times. Our first meeting is fully planned and ready though! Join us on September 7 at 7 PM in Caldwell Laboratory Room 277.  We’ll give a small presentation to introduce the basics of Amateur Radio and what can be done with it. Additionally, we want to get to know all of you and find out what you want to do with the club this year!

Deep stands in front of table at involvement fair with antenna and solar panels next to them

Club officers wearing masks stand in front of table at involvement fair

Transmitter Hunt Recap

Had a great time at our first-ever transmitter hunt! With over a square mile to search, the 1st of 3 teams found the transmitter in just 20 minutes! All 3 teams found the transmitter within the hour, making this a very successful hunt!

Ham Exam Recap

Congratulations to our 10 newly-licensed hams! Tuesday’s exam session was a success, with 10 people passing their Technician exam. Looking forward to seeing some new faces in the hobby!