Spring Involvement Fair Recap

We had an incredible HF setup at the Student Involvement Fair today! We heard Portugal and California, but couldn’t get a signal to send past the walls of the Union. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth!

Project Planning Meeting Recap

Thanks for the awesome turnout at the meeting last night! We had a great discussion about how to get on WSPRnet with low-cost QRP setups and how we could use this in our project. Looks like we’ve got an awesome start to our project this semester!

Winter QSO Party Recap

Last weekend’s Winter QSO Party was a success! W8LT scored 360 points by making 12 over-the-air contacts with 8 unique states and 3 countries. Looking forward to January for our next QSO event!

Top Summer Jobs for OSU ARC

OSU Amateur Radio and RF officers were accepted to world class companies and research groups over the summer.  Matthew Belz is interning in the RF and antenna department at Harris Corperation.  Andrew Noll is interning with the defense contractor Northrup Gruman.  Our Treasurer, Nate Weirich and member Hongliang Si are researching cutting edge mm-Wave technology under the direction of Dr. Emre Koksal.  Congratulations to our officers and members!


Statements made in this post do not necessiarly reflect any of the above named companies only the personal opinions of the authors.

ARRL School Club Roundup

Members of the Amateur Radio and RF Club were on the air today connecting with other schools and universities around the country (and world).  We made some good contacts and got new members familiar with the equipment.  We hope to see you at a future on-the-air meeting!

Harris Tech Talk

Harris will be presenting how Keysight Advanced Design System is used in industry on Thursday, February 2nd at 7:00pm.  We will have some demos you won’t want to miss and this is also a great opportunity to get to know recruiters at Harris.  The room is TBD please check back later!