SP24 – POTA with W8YX!

Join us on April 13 for POTA at Cowan Lake State Park!

W8LT (Ohio State University) and W8YX (University of Cincinnati) will be at the Cowan Lake Dance Pavilion from 9AM to 6PM, April 13, for POTA activation. Community members for both clubs are welcome to join us throughout the day.

Please bring your own folding chair! We are not certain how many benches will be available.

Email at noquisi.1@buckeyemail.osu.edu for any questions. If you are an OSU student interested but in need of a ride, email us and we can work to set up a carpool.

The Cowan Lake Dance Pavilion is located off Yankee Road near the public beach. There is parking and a portable toilet across from the pavilion.

More information about Cowan Lake State Park can be found here.