AU22 Collegiate QSO Party This Weekend

Hi folks,

We never announced last year’s Collegiate QSO Party results. For 2021 we made 3rd place with 222 points (and beat Michigan). Let’s see how well we do this year!

This coming Saturday and Sunday (Oct. 1-2) W8LT will be participating in the Collegiate QSO Party. You can sign up here if you want to join us in the hamshack.

We’ll be fighting various circumstances which might put us at a competitive disadvantage.

For one, we haven’t been able to repair the 40m dipole yet, so we’ll only be able to get on bands the hex beam can reach.

Our timeframe will also be confined by gameday tailgating & traffic on Saturday. We’ll get to Bevis at 7AM, but won’t be able to stay long Saturday afternoon.

With all those challenges in mind, I still expect this weekend to be a fun time. I bet we’ll get a good amount of contacts.

If you have any questions about this weekend, email me at