Some major current and past research projects:

  • Physiological Studies of Brain Signals using a Wireless Neuro-Sensing-Diagnostic System (2013-2017): NSF Smart-Connected-Health program to create non-intrusive brain signal sensors to study causes of diseases such as Epilepsy and Parkinson; project is with Arizona State (Prof. J. Chae).
  • Ultra Wideband Antenna Apertures with Adaptive Beam Forming (2013-2016): ONR grant to develop novel digital beam forming techniques over large bandwidths using on-site coding and reduced power digital to analog converters.
  • High Power Devices MURI (2012-2017): AFOSR MURI to develop high power Metamaterials in Confining, Controlling, and Radiating Intense Microwave Pulses. MURI is led by Edl Schamiloglu at the Univ. of New Mexico. Ohio State is focused on high power device miniaturizations.
  • THz Device MURI (2011-2016): ONR MURI on III-N Devices and Architectures for Terahertz Electronics; Goal is to develop GaN THz devices operating above 1 THz. MURI is led by Patrick Fay at Notre-Dame and our group is focused on device testing and on developing THz sources.
  • Metamaterials and Metastructured UWB miniature conformal antennas (2010-2013): An ONR funded program to develop novel meta-structures for highly thin and conformal antennas exhibiting over 30:1 bandwidth. Focus is also on MIMO capabilities, low angle scanning, pattern re-configuration, and integration with wideband RFIC back-ends.
  • TeraHertz Center (2010-2013): Served as PI for this $3M 3rd Frontier award to establish a new Laboratory on Terahertz research and applications.
  • UWB metamaterial Antennas (2010-2012): A 3-phase program funded by AFRL to help companies transition new metamaterials antennas to real-world applications.
  • Novel Materials for RF Applications (2009-2012): A 3-year program funded by Lockheed Martin’s Corporate to develop a new class of magnetodielectric composites for phase shifters, leaky wave structures and miniature reconfigurable controllable antennas.
  • Ohio Research Scholars Program (2008-13): Served as PI for this $8.5M State of Ohio award to enhance Ohio State’s sensors area by hiring new faculty, constructing new facilities and purchasing new equipment.
  • GAMECHANGER: Novel Materials for Load Bearing Antennas (MURI-like project funded by AFOSR)-2007-2010. Served as PI for this 5 years project focused on the development of novel materials for miniature, multifunctional antennas for future small vehicles such as UAVs.
  • Center for Radio Frequency Systems (a joint University-Industry National Science Foundation Center)-2006-pres. A new NSF center to link industry and universities to educate future leaders in RF, and address next generation solutions in RF systems (from bits to receivers and antennas).
  • DARPA Visibuilding (2006-2010): A 3-phase program to develop analyses, techniques and hardware for three dimensional imaging of building interiors.
  • Novel Materials for Antennas and RF Devices (MURI funded by the AFOSR)-2004-2009. A 5-year Multidisciplinary Univ. Research Initiative (MURI) project focused on the analysis, demonstration and design of novel magnetic photonic crystals for RF devices, antennas and sensors.
  • Electromagnetic Effects of RF pulses on Electronic Circuits and Systems (Air Force MURI, ended 2006). A 5- year MURI on the understanding of coupling mechanisms and their effects on electronic circuits. The project involved collaboration with 4 other Universities across several departments.
  • Multiphysics MEMS analysis and design (NSF, 2001-2005): Project involved the development of MEMS analysis and design capabilities to integrate electrical, mechanical and thermal physics. Worked with mechanical engineering faculty.
  • Meta-Materials Design (funded by DARPA, 2001-2005): A multi-disciplinary project aimed at designing, developing and fabricating new synthetic materials for RF applications. Worked with Material Science, Mechanical and other RF Engineering faculty.