National Survey of Teacher Education Programs

Study Title: National Survey of Technology Integration Preparation in Teacher Education Programs

Research Protocol#: 2013B0464

This  research project aims to analyze the state and direction of technology integration in accredited teacher preparation programs across the United States in the areas of Technology, Mathematics Education, Science Education, and English / Language Arts Education.

I will publish some of the results of the study on this webpage.

This research aims to do the following:

  • Provide an overview of the state of technology integration in the United States in an effort to help guide national policies about technology integration
  • Analyze the data in relation to current trends in schools
  • Analyze the data in relation to existing research about best practices
  • Analyze the data in relation to state-by-state practices
  • Identify the implications of the common core and technology integration in teacher education programs
  • Identify areas for future research