Project Proposal

Project Proposal

Andy Vogel

        For my project I am going to research the design tools and methods for Coca Cola’s new Freestyle dispensers. My sources will come from the training manuals and interactions from my current employer. I will use mixed media into my project that includes, recorded and stock video.

The purpose of this project is to see how Coke uses technology tools like their iLearn tablet to train employees on using their products. Some of the research that I have started on looks at how Coke uses these educational technology tools to promote advertising of their brand.

The reason I am doing this project is because I want to get a better idea of how corporations use educational technology. How do they use educational technology that is different from other companies. For example, Pepsi is trying to replicate there technology but cannot because Coke has patented there technology. What does this say for the future of technology?

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