Learning Journal #6

I have studied the ISTE and Ohio Standards before. It is good to reflect and compare them to other standards from different organizations to broaden the scope of how educational technology is being applied. I am always excited to see how the language of these standards are evolved over the years.

Technology literacy is a term that is more recent to me. From the Ohio Department website, it look like that the technology standards have not been updated since 2007.  The standards are very cut and dry and look like that they could be interchangeable. They list a couple of resources that link to the ISTE and the ITEA.

In the ITEA, therefore, we can predict that getting these technology standards accepted and implemented in Grades K-12 in every school will be far more difficult than developing them has been.” This is interesting because we still struggle trying to get a standard on k-12 teachers with Common Core subjects.

Digital Citizenship is another term that is newer to me. K-12 educators have to advocates for digital citizenship so their students are protected. The internet is full of copywrite issues that students can easily make. Failure to cite a source or to use older methods of peer 2 peer sharing is just a couple of ways of students finding themselves in hot water.

Another standard that I can get behind is operations and concepts. To me, this standard is about having the ability to troubleshoot your problems when you run into technology issues. With OS becoming more user friendly, I fear that the students of tomorrow will ask for more help instead of taking initiative and troubleshoot on their own.

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