Learning Journal #4

I really focused on David Jonassen reading because of his guidelines of constructivist learning environments methods. His CLE is the foundation of instructional design principles. His CLE could be used for marketing methods, trade skills and the classroom.

Trying to give students ownership of problems for self-motivation is easier said than done. Every learner has a different set of past experiences and trying to find a one shape fits all method is near impossible. In my experience I have found that the most beneficial way of learning is to have the field experience of maniuplating objects. I found that taking something apart such as, a computer, and putting it back together is experience of CLE. Trying to troubleshoot why the computer will not start and what modifiers impact this. In order to make the computer power on, I had to use past experiences (IE what did I first remove) or if I was forgetful, start the whole process over.

I have found that using this CLE can be time consuming and project based. Learning basic maintenance skills is what improves the process of CLE. Being able to recount your steps so you can effectively process and identity the problem.

CLE relates to instructional design because the goals of the students must be clearly defined. Jonassen makes the argument that learners must understand the goal in order to achieve the task. What comes to my mind is when an leader tells a worker to just do construct an object with no purpose.  The worker will grapple if the leader does not explain the goal of the object. Students should be encouraged to ask questions and evaluate the CLEs.

A positive example of CLE that I have recently encounter is a new iLearn table at work.


The link shows you a online version of the tool. From the site you can see how the Coca-Cola is using this tool to educate workers on maintaing the new Freestyle beverage machines. This tool is helpful because one of the first clips explains the goals and why the videos can be helpful. The table also comes with instructions on how to use the table itself. The tablet is also nice because you can carry the device around while you work on the machine.

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