Learning Journal #2

The reading from “Contemporary Education” recalls elements of educational technology that are still issues and standards today. The 1980s transformed with how learned used computers as tools. The introduction of tutorials is still a learning method that is still used today. Many next generation video games heavily rely on tutorials for introducing users to gameplay.



The text explains that the purpose of tutorials is to “provide remedial instruction when learners gave a wrong response” (7). While this is a helpful learning method for beginners, there is some criticism that tutorials offer too much support. This explains how tutorials can take away from the grappling process when users are working with a new interface. The site explains an example when young children are introduced to a new toy. With a heavily guided introduction children were less likely to play and explorer the assists of the toy. When children did not have a tutorial, they played with the toy and explored more of the possible functions.



For more complex programs, such as, Photoshop, I beileve there should be a heavy handed walkthrough. With more intermediate programs such as, MS Word, students should be more self directed. As an future educator, I want my students to be able to grapple and master programs so they can become self sufficient.

I also found the Podcast article to be interesting. The article is written around the time Podcasts became popular. I think in recent years Podcasts have gone up and in down with popularity. I have not heard much about Podcasts until this past year with the popular segments of “Serial” Podcast. In my undergrad one of my professors did utilize Podcasts as assignment. I do like the idea of recording lectures for students to go over after class. The drawback I see from this is students not attending class and only listening to Podcasts. Another drawback is the time to produce the Podcasts. Like the article stated, it can take hours to produce just 30 minutes of audio. I recall this situation from my Educational Videography class, where just a few minutes of video editing can take hours!

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  1. Teaching software can be tricky business. It’s one thing to teach basics with a walk through, but real competence comes through real world application.

    You bring up an interesting point. All it takes is a compelling piece of media like “Serial” to reinvigorate a technology like podcasts which haven’t gotten as much attention in the ed tech community in recent years.

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