Undergraduate Students

Name, Mentor

Julia GalassoNatalie Solonenko, Marie Burris

Romik Ghosh, Olivier Zablocki

Jonathan Leopold, Marissa Gittrich

Anna Mackey, Ahmed Zayed, Natalie Solonenko, Marie Burris

Anna is a third-year Mathematical Biology student who is interested in modeling biological processes using statistics. She enjoys learning new things and hopes to attend graduate school, focusing on modeling viral interactions. She is also a member of the Service Engagement Program on campus.

Shaun MaxwellNatalie Solonenko, Marie Burris

Jamie Morris, Cristina Howard-Varona

Cara Noel, Marissa Gittrich

Courtney Sanderson, Cristina Howard-Varona

Courtney is a Microbiology major and philosophy minor with a deep passion for conservation and backpacking. She is currently assisting Dr. Howard-Varona with experiments on Cellulophaga baltica; she hopes one day to do research in conservationism.



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