Math and the Microbiome: IDI Leaders Host Creative Interdisciplinary Workshop

A recent workshop looked to utilize math and statistics to answer questions surrounding the microbiome. The workshop, led by Vanessa Hale, Assistant Professor, and Matt Sullivan, Associate Professor, both IDI Co-Directors of the Microbial Communities Thematic Program, sought to explore this interface. To do so, they partnered with Adriana Dawes, Associate Director of the Mathematical Biosciences Institute (MBI), to create a unique approach where participants spent their workshop time forming their own groups – with a mathematician, statistician and biologist – and create a pitch for a fundable project within 24 hours. Projects were pitched on the second day of the workshop, allowing for group discussion and refinement of ideas, as part of the competition. At the end of the workshop, two groups were awarded a seed grant to start working on their projects. See project summaries below. Read the full story here.