Homework 1

January 17 2021

Post a link to your blog.

If you’re here, you found the link: https://u.osu.edu/vincenthsubeginingdrawing/


Homework 2

“The Secret of Drawing 1 – the Line of Enquiry”

Directions: Watch the video and write a 250-word response. Include three artists from the list in the response.

I find it interesting how through watching the secret of drawing where Dr Francis explains to Andrew Graham Dixon how basically using Leonardo’s art piece and applying it to the physical world of surgery. It is interesting to see a modern-day surgeon going back to some Italian Renaissance artwork to help aid with his understanding even though it’s just artwork of what Leonardo himself has studied. This made me remember how that I’d really enjoy drawing while I was in some engineering classes and even when I was even younger, I like to draw mechanical things on how it looked and worked and inspired by how Leonardo would study fluid dynamics or the human anatomy and many other things. Watching the part of the documentary where it was explained how George Stubbs the artist who drew very meticulous drawings of the anatomy of a horse and how they would prop up the horse and continue to draw even while the horses still rotting or John Russell where they would study the moon for hours on end how the dedication is kind of far and how I question how one person does have that much dedication just to capture the detail that their going after. It’s just interesting to ponder and think about how that a person’s drawing sketch could help benefit someone in the future in their studies for anatomy mechanics of how things work or basically most or anything in life. After watching this I believe that there is a little bit of artist within everyone just depends on what is drawn by the person.

Source: “The Secret of Drawing 1 – the Line of Enquiry,” Produced by the BBC, Hosted by Andrew Graham-Dixon, 2005

Homework 3

Points of Interests

  • Having different values in a drawing that allows to draw attention to the form of what is drawn
  • You can provide mood in the drawing depending on what kind of value scheme and
  • Different values can let you put more or less attention to different parts of your drawing
  • Inexperienced artists will typically struggle to create a complete range of values
  • It is very interesting to see the form of the shapes with only the use of values, and that the shapes still have a very defined outline without edges

Homework 4 Sketchbook Check 1


Prompt 1 Sketch









Prompt 25 Sketch



Homework 5

Submit a long list: 7 artists whose work you have looked at

Louis Wain

“Cat’s Nightmare” By Louis Wain











Bridget Riley

“Shadow Play” By Bridget Riley











Jim Shaw

“The Vicious Circle” By Jim Shaw









Philip Guston

“City Limits” By Philip Guston







Henri Matisse

“Woman with a hat” By Henri Matisse











Keith Haring

“Pop Shop 1” By Keith Haring









Yayoi Kusama

“Fireflies on Water” By Yayoi Kusama








Submit a short response to 3 artists’ work of interest to you for the GE Assignment


Keith Haring

Keith Haring’s works caught my attention for the simplicity but very recognizable style of drawing and painting. I was amazed to learn that he was bring awareness about AIDS through some of his art and by establishing the Keith Haring Foundation.


Yayoi Kusama

When looking around at Kusama’s works I was very fascinated by her common theme of polka dots on her exhibits where she would just cover the entire rooms and objects with polka dots. Kusama’s infinity room installation where also very intriguing to see where the closed mirror box with light gives a nice sense of peace or vastness.


Jim Shaw

After looking into Shaw’s work, I found it very intriguing to see how his art has a very trippy / bizarre feel but that it could be real. Such as how he blends pop culture, reality and fiction together into really well and cohesive drawing.


Homework 6


Read Articles and watch youtube videos and provide 7 points

  • Parallelism is very important when drawing in Parallel perspective i.e. 1 point perspective and Angular perspective i.e. 2 point perspective
  • Thee point perspective are good to use when depict a high above view or birds’ eye such as seeing building above like a skyscraper
  • Horizon line should always be at eye level and present of all types of perspective and vanishing points should be on horizon line (though for 3 point perspective should be below or above horizon line)
  • By measuring out and dividing the front plane can help understand drawing the object more realistically
  • Sometimes multiple vanishing points can be used for a more realistic drawing (more than 2 on the eye level or horizon line)
  • Using rulers or a straight edge and uniform lines are very important for a perspective drawing
  • When drawing furniture in perspective is helps to break down the furniture into multiple boxes for then details to be added in later


Homework 7


Homework 8


Homework 9


Homework 10