Biological Sciences Event

Opioid Research Panel

A group of experts came and answered questions on opioid epidemic so prevalent all over the US. It was very eye opening to see each individual experts’ perspective and research background. We learned about their research and possible treatment regimes that could potentially keep recovering opioid users from relapsing. The opioid epidemic is something very concerning in regards to public health and the research panel allowed for students to ask questions face-to-face with an expert in the area in a relaxed, educational setting.

Semester in Review

My first semester of college has not been the easiest 14 weeks of my life; in fact, I would say they have been some of my hardest. Moving away from the home you’ve always known is difficult, but it’s made even worse by moving to a campus of over 50,000 students. However, the diverse student body allows for many opportunities to make friends. Chemistry this semester has also been a challenge, but it forces me to have good time management skills and perseverance. Overall, this semester has allowed me to grow as a person and I look forward to many future semesters at The Ohio State University.



Global awareness is something that is close to my heart, I believe more people need to travel outside their own country in order to get more cultural perspectives. I’ve done this several times: I went to Ecuador and Costa Rica and stayed with host families in order to live through a day in the average life of a middle class family in Costa Rica and Ecuador. I hope to study abroad this summer in Sweden or Spain, in order to get more of a global look at what it’s like in Europe.

Furthermore, Original inquiry is important to me as well, because I hope to do research either freshman year during spring semester or during autumn semester sophomore year. I’m very interested in the effect drugs have on the brain and how they can be used to treat  psychological disorders. I also have many questions on how the brain functions and I hope to learn more through my neuroscience classes and any research opportunities that present themselves.


Capstone Project for Biotechnology:

In high school, my team and I developed a research project that we worked on for four months. We had to come up with our very own question, hypothesis, procedure, and conclusion and create a poster board that would be presented in front of judges. This project was a part of our career technology course we had at our high school, known as Biotechnology. Our question was whether pesticides, such as chemical and natural, had an effect on the amount of soil microbes present. As a result of working with a group to develop an experiment, I feel I have gleaned valuable knowledge on how to work effectively in a group setting and splitting up work so that things get done more efficiently. The experiment also called for critical thinking and problem solving, as sometimes our methods did not provide us with the quantitative data we were looking for. As such, we had to find a way to solve the problem through trial and error, testing our persistence and resolve.


About Me

I am Kate Vickery, a Biological Sciences Scholars student at The Ohio State University. I am currently pursuing a major in Neuroscience, with a possible Spanish minor, and then furthering my education in either a medical school or graduate program. My lifelong passion for science is partly what propelled me into a science major and my previous lab experience in high school also solidified my interest. I enjoy solving problems and have ample experience working with others from prior jobs.