my work

My Work on International Institutions

2021 . (with Mette Eilstrup-Sangiovanni) To Reform or to Replace? Institutional Succession in International Organizations. EUI Working Paper RSC 2021/20. 

2022. “Bargaining Strategies for Global Governance Games.” Review of International Organizations 17, 2: 349-373. MATHEMATICAL APPENDIX [pdf]

2019 [unpublished]. Financial Markets as Non-State Actors. Initially written for the workshop on “Institutional Complexity in Global Governance.” EUI, 28-30 May 2019

2015 “The Dilemma of Informal Governance with Outside Option as Solution.” International Theory 7, 1: 195-229. with ERRATUM [pdf]

2014 (with Alex Thompson) “Multilateralism, Bilateralism, and Regime Design.” International Studies Quarterly 58, 1: 15-28. with MATHEMATICAL APPENDIX [pdf].

2008 “Multilateralism, Bilateralism, and Exclusion in the Nuclear Proliferation Regime [pdf].” International Organization 62, 3:439-76.

2005 (with Mette Eilstrup-Sangiovanni) “European Integration as a Solution to War [pdf].” European Journal of International Relations11, 1: 99-135.

My Work on Economic Sanctions

2020 (with Byungwon Woo). “A Unifying Theory of Positive and Negative Incentives in International Relations: Sanctions, Rewards, Regime Types, and Compliance.” Economics of Governance 21, 2: 215-36. with MATHEMATICAL APPENDIX [pdf].

2011 (with Byungwon Woo) “Why Rewards are Better than Sanctions [pdf].” Economics and Politics 23, 2: 220-238.

2009 “Successful and Failed Screening Mechanisms in the Two Gulf Wars [pdf].” Journal of Theoretical Politics 21, 3:311-42.

2009 “Sanctions as Revelation Regimes [pdf].” Review of Economic Design13, 3:251-78.

My Work on Banking and Finance

2002 Moving Money: Banking and Finance in the Industrialized World. Cambridge University Press.

2002 (with Douglas Forsyth). The Origins of National Financial Systems: Alexander Gerschenkron Reconsidered. London: Routledge.

2002 “Explaining Cross-National Variations in Universal Banking in 19th-Century Europe, North America and Australasia.” In The Origins of National Financial Systems, edited by Forsyth and Verdier, pp. 23-42. London: Routledge.

2002 “How and Why Financial Systems Differ: A Survey of the Literature [pdf].” Working Paper. European University Institute SPS2002/2.

2001 “Capital Mobility and the Origins of Stock Markets.” International Organization55, 2:327-56.

2000 “The Rise and Fall of State Banking in OECD Countries [pdf].” Comparative Political Studies33, 3:283-318.

2000 “State and Finance in the OECD: Previous Trends and Current Change.”Politics & Society 28, 1:35-65.

1999 “Domestic Responses to Free Trade and Free Finance in OECD Countries.” Business & Politics1, 3:279-316.

1998 “Domestic Responses to Capital Market Internationalization under the Gold Standard, 1870-1914.” International Organization52, 1:1-28.

1997 “Universal Banking and Bank Failures Between the Wars [pdf].” Working Paper. European University Institute SPS97/11

1997 “The Political Origins of Banking Structures.”The Policy History NewsletterWinter, pp. 1-6. This article was the occasion of a symposium, with an introduction by Douglas Forsyth and “Comments” by Alessandro Polsi and Don Rowney.

1997 Review of “Reconstructing Europe’s Trade and Payments: The European Payments Union” by Barry Eichengreen. International Journal of Finance and Economics(January).

My work on Trade

1998 “Democratization and Trade Liberalization in Industrial Capitalist Countries, 1830s to 1930s.” Comparative Studies in Society and History40, 4:587-608.

1998 “Democratic Convergence and Free Trade.” International Studies Quarterly42, 1:1-24.

1998 Review of “Risking Free Trade: The Politics of Trade in Britain, Canada, Mexico, and the United States” by Michael Lusztig. Canadian Journal of Political Science.

1997 “Between Party and Faction: The Politics Behind the Repeal of the Corn Laws [pdf].” In The Rise of Free Trade, vol. 4, edited by C. M. Schonhardt-Bailey, pp. 309-338. London: Routledge.

1995 “The Politics of Public Aid to Private Industry: The Role of Policy Networks [pdf],” Comparative Political Studies28, 1, pp. 3-42.  This article was the occasion of a symposium, with “Comments” by Michael Gilligan and Geoffrey Garrett and a reply entitled “Reply to Gilligan and Garrett” (pp. 56-61).

1994 Democracy and International Trade: Britain, France, and the United States, 1860-1990. Princeton University Press. Paperback edition: 1995.

1993 “The Politics of Trade Preference Formation: The United States from the Civil War to the New Deal.” Politics & Society21, 4:364-91.


2003 (with Gerald Schneider). Democratic Institutions for a New Europe. Special issue of European Union Politics4, 1 (March).

2003 (with Gerald Schneider). “Introduction: Democratic Institutions for a New Europe.” European Union Politics4, 1: 5-10.

2001 (with Richard Breen) “Europeanization and Globalization: Politics against Markets in the European Union.” Comparative Political Studies34, 3:227-262.