When I think of a word to describe my semester thus far, the term ‘growth’ comes to mind. From the beginning of the semester until now, I feel as if I have matured greatly and am now a better version of myself than before. I have worked harder than ever before to get good grades in my classes, which has led to me having academic success. I’ve been more involved on campus as well as I have maintained leadership roles as a Chair for Mount, Director of Marketing for Sportsmanship Council, and tutor at the Columbus Metropolitan Library’s Homework Help Center. I also took on a job at Espress-OH in the Union. This position has helped me learn to work well with others when things are stressful.

Growing from one day to the next is critical in becoming a more well-rounded individual. By challenging myself to succeed in all areas of life, I believe that I have experienced exponential growth. One positive outcome of this has been my newfound love of statistics. I’ve developed a passion for this subject as I have worked tirelessly to understand its content over the semester. Because of this, I have chosen to use a picture of a graph with a positive, upward-trending slope, thus signifying growth. While it may be a simple picture, it truly does capture my feeling of development during this semester.

39-38: The Halloween Miracle

This past weekend was easily the most exciting since I’ve been here at Ohio State. Not only was it Halloween weekend, but the Buckeyes also beat Penn State 39-38 in a wild game of comebacks, nerve-wracking plays, and lots of high fives. The game left my girlfriend, our friends, and I on the edges of our seats almost the whole time (we did consider leaving when the Buckeyes went down by two touchdowns late in the game, but thank goodness we didn’t). Once we won, storming the field was an experience I never thought I would participate in. While it did leave me with a sore leg and a few bruises, getting onto the field was the highlight of the night. Singing Carmen alongside other fans, the band, and the football team was something I will never forget.

The weekend of Halloween, 2017 taught me that it is important to cherish my time here as a Buckeye. There will be plenty more opportunities like this one that will make my college experience memorable. Holding this night in my memories, I am eager to find the next event that will go down in the books as a moment to remember.

Go Bucks!

Working Hard Early On

It’s been just over a month of life as an official student here and I feel as if I have really settled into my role. I am relishing the experiences presented to me, be it service projects, meeting new people, or going to movies at Gateway. These several weeks have taught me that keeping organized and staying focused are two very important practices to master. Had I studied for my upcoming math midterm a little sooner in the week, I probably wouldn’t be up this late on a Sunday night (technically now a Monday morning) typing this. You live and you learn, I suppose.

That being said, I believe that this will be a good thing for me to go through as I typically adjust well when faced with challenges. While this one could easily have been prevented, it is nobody’s fault but my own for putting myself in this situation. Likewise, the only person that can do anything about this is me. I plan to learn from my mistakes and move forward, working hard along the way to become better at whatever it may be.

Although obstacles can be difficult to overcome, I am the type of person to embrace the difficulties of life and take them on. I am grateful to go through this now so I can learn and grow as a student.

Go Bucks!