When I think of a word to describe my semester thus far, the term ‘growth’ comes to mind. From the beginning of the semester until now, I feel as if I have matured greatly and am now a better version of myself than before. I have worked harder than ever before to get good grades in my classes, which has led to me having academic success. I’ve been more involved on campus as well as I have maintained leadership roles as a Chair for Mount, Director of Marketing for Sportsmanship Council, and tutor at the Columbus Metropolitan Library’s Homework Help Center. I also took on a job at Espress-OH in the Union. This position has helped me learn to work well with others when things are stressful.

Growing from one day to the next is critical in becoming a more well-rounded individual. By challenging myself to succeed in all areas of life, I believe that I have experienced exponential growth. One positive outcome of this has been my newfound love of statistics. I’ve developed a passion for this subject as I have worked tirelessly to understand its content over the semester. Because of this, I have chosen to use a picture of a graph with a positive, upward-trending slope, thus signifying growth. While it may be a simple picture, it truly does capture my feeling of development during this semester.

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